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Accordion Individual


Alexandru Fechete is a true master of Gypsy and traditional styles from Romania. He is an expert tune player and accompanist. He will be able to show students tunes and techniques of the colourful Gypsy and traditional music from any region of Romania/Transylvania. If you are a fan of Taraf de Haidouks he is the man to go to.


These classes are suitable for confident players, who's technic is already at a developed stage and capable of learning by ear and understand more complex ornamentations and rhythms. 


You can book a block of 4 X 45 mins long classes on our website and the dates for the classes will be arranged with you individually. Classes will take place in the CCA however home visits might be available upon request.

You will receive free entry to our orchestra classes with your booking. 



Includes free entry to orchestra classes

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