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Heritage Project & Roma Cultural Festival - Job Description

Support staff
16h/week @ £10/h
12 months contract

Deadline: 15/09/2021

We are looking for a support worker who will be working closely with our creative director to deliver our 12 months long project, exploring and documenting the living Roma cultural heritage amongst Scotland’s Roma communities. A large number of Roma people will be involved to share their cultural heritage through audio and video recordings. The project will finish with a cultural festival where the created work will be showcased amongst live concerts, talks, workshops, and film screenings. 

Role Description:

- Supporting the work of the project coordinator

- Working on the initial contact and assessment of potential participants for the project

- Providing technical support for participants

- Create video and audio recordings with participants

- Travel to locations

- Liaising with Roma communities

- Providing bilingual support 

- Providing support to Roma heritage representatives and content creators

- Reporting to project coordinator

- Help organising activities and the festival

- Actively contributes to the project’s evaluation 


Ideal Candidate:


  • Is able to build rapport with strangers and listen carefully to their perspectives and needs

  • Fluent speaker of Romani language

  • Culturally sensitive

  • Deals with problems on a daily basis, and has good problem-solving skills. 

  • Is able to teach others and have good writing skills to develop materials or document their progress 

  • Experienced in video/sound recording

  • Full drivers licence and access to a car


To apply please send us your CV and cover letter expressing why you are interested in the role and tell us about your experiences/aspirations by the 15th of September 2021. 

Please send CV and cover letter to:

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