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Ando Glaso Collective

Our collective is a unique collaboration that brings together some of the best musicians from Scotland’s diverse Romanian, Polish, Slovak, Czech and Hungarian Roma communities.

The Ando Glaso Collective, with the support of Creative Scotland, is spearheading a transformative project aimed at establishing a professional orchestra for Scotland's Roma musicians. This initiative is not just about job creation; it's a vibrant celebration of Roma cultural heritage, designed to elevate it on the national and international stage. By bringing together Roma talents from Romanian, Polish, Slovak, Czech, and Hungarian backgrounds, the Collective is forging a musical movement that revisits traditional roots while pushing the boundaries of innovation. In their quest to create a professional orchestra, the members of the Ando Glaso Collective are deeply engaged in exploring their shared intangible Roma cultural heritage.

Their mission extends beyond the creation of music. With generous funding from Creative Scotland, this project is a beacon of cultural pride and a testament to the power of artistic collaboration. The Collective's success is amplified by their selection as Artists In Residence in the Southside Central area of Glasgow by Glasgow Life in 2022. This prestigious appointment has not only provided a platform for their music but has also allowed them to engage directly with the community, offering workshops, performances, and interactive sessions that bridge cultures and generations.

Touring UK-wide and appearing at prestigious festivals, the Collective is breaking new ground. These performances serve a dual purpose: showcasing the exquisite tapestry of Roma music and fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation among diverse audiences. This visibility is crucial for integrating Roma music and culture into the mainstream, challenging existing stereotypes, and highlighting the community's contributions to Scotland's cultural landscape.

In essence, they're building a movement that celebrates the richness of Roma culture, offering professional pathways for musicians, and crafting a future where Roma heritage is recognised and revered across the globe. Through their innovative work, they're weaving a narrative of unity, opportunity, and cultural celebration.

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