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Ando Glaso Collective

Our collective is a unique collaboration that brings together some of the best musicians from Scotland’s diverse Romanian, Polish, Slovak, Czech and Hungarian Roma communities.

Funded by Creative Scotland, the Collective was set up by Ando Glaso in 2019 to encourage Roma musicians from the diverse and fragmented Roma communities of Scotland to explore each other's cultural heritage; create music and a group together that can truly represent the vibrant and often invisible cultural heritage of Scotland's Roma people.

Since 2019 Ando Glaso Collective  became an ever growing Roma creative group, who's unique work has been supported and recognised by organisations such as the European Roma Institute For Arts And Culture. The group has appeared at prestigious events such as Celtic Connections and against the challenges of 2019-2021 it continued it's creative work and has been delivering exciting projects such as their appointment as Artists In Residence in the Southside Central area by Glasgow Life in 2021. 

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