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Our mixed instrument group is the perfect opportunity to learn Gypsy music in a relaxed, easy going environment that allows you to learn at your own pace as part of a group. We will rotate the leaders of this group between all the various amazing Roma musicians involved in our organisation. This will give you the opportunity, to get to know a wide range of Gypsy music from various different countries and styles. You are welcome to join on any instrument. Through these classes we will prepare a program that will allow the group to perform at our events.


We aim to accommodate any level for this group, however you will need to be a confident enough player to learn by ear and pick up tunes on your instrument. If unsure, please get in touch with us to discuss.


Due to the availability of the venue in the CCA we have various dates when you can join this group. You can book a block of four classes on our website and use it on any of the dates below. If you would like to book differently, please contact us. This group is free to join for the participants of any other individual instrument classes. 



Free with individual classes

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For alternative payments/bookings please contact






17 - CCA Cinema Room

7 - CCA Cinema Room

5 - CCA Cinema Room

9 - CCA Cinema Room

31 - CCA Cinema Room

15 - CCA Club Room

12 - CCA Cinema Room

21 - CCA Theatre

18 - CCA Club Room

28 - CCA Club Room

26 - CCA Club Room

Classes start at 18.00 and last for 2X45 mins.

15 - CCA Club Room

24 - CCA Cinema Room

30 - CCA Cinema Room

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