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11.00 - Lunch Time Gypsy Music

13.00 - Dance Workshop


Hungarian cimbalom virtuoso Janos Kallai will be welcoming arrivals with authentic restaurant style Gypsy music. Sit down, grab some food and drink to get in the mood before the fun begins!


Sonia Michalewicz is the leader of Polish Gypsy music and dance group Romane Cierhenia.

Sonia will introduce participants to traditional Gypsy dances through a family friendly workshop suitable for beginners but more advanced dancers will be able to join in as well.

14.00 - Music Workshop


Hungarian violinist Jani Lang will be joined by some of the finest local Roma musicians to introduce participants to a wide range of Gypsy music.

The workshop will be a mixed instruments group and suitable for more experienced players.

15.00 - Presentation


Dr Lynne Tammi-Connelly worked in community development for over three decades, focusing on human rights and equalities. She is now an independent researcher and freelance facilitator.

Lynne will discuss GRT people's connection to the land and traditional skills and how today's built environment impacts on this.

16.00 - Roma Empowerment Through Culture and Heriatge

Screenshot 2022-06-02 at 17.00.05.png

This festival was made possible by  generous support from the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

This festival is the finale of a year long project. During this year Ando Glaso embarked on a journey to explore the cultural heritage of the various Roma communities around Scotland. 

This presentation will showcase some of the material the participants shared with us and they will also join us to talk/play for you live.

18.00 - Romane Cierhenia


Romane Cierhenia is a family group of amazing Roma musicians and dancers from Poland.

Their beautiful songs, music, dances and costumes will take you right to the heart of the colourful Polish Roma culture.

19.00 -  Tales of a Travelling Scotland

Travelling Scotland.png

As part of Scotland’s Year of Stories and funded by Museums and Galleries Scotland, Ando Glaso has commissioned four artists from Scotland’s GRT (Gypsy, Roma, Traveller) community to create a programme that will showcase the cultural heritage of travelling people.

Legendary storyteller Jess Smith will team up with three outstanding musicians – Ciaran Ryan, Kevin Whyte and Ian MacGregor – to explore their shared GRT heritage and perform a new body of work. The programme will tell the tales of this vibrant community in the same ways that their history has been preserved and passed on for centuries; through music, songs and storytelling.

20.00 -  Romacaleo


Romacaleo is a Gypsy Swing band with a twist. It draws inspiration from the music of Django Reihardt though it comprises a multi-cultural lineup of Roma, Jews and Scottish which influences its material, from Roma traditional to Jewish Klezmer and Scottish trad music. It is one of the most exciting and unique projects to come out of Scotland in recent years, and is sure to get those toes tapping and chins stroked... maybe at the same time?

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