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11.00 - Lunch Time Gypsy Music

13.00 - Dance Workshop


Hungarian cimbalom virtuoso Janos Kallai will be welcoming arrivals with authentic restaurant style Gypsy music. Sit down, grab some food and drink to get in the mood before the fun begins!


Sonia Michalewicz is the leader of Polish Gypsy music and dance group Romane Cierhenia.

Sonia will introduce participants to traditional Gypsy dances through a family friendly workshop suitable for beginners but more advanced dancers will be able to join in as well.

14.00 - Music Workshop


Hungarian violinist Jani Lang will be joined by some of the finest local Roma musicians to introduce participants to a wide range of Gypsy music.

The workshop will be a mixed instruments group and suitable for more experienced players.

15.00 - Presentation


Michal Mižigár studied Romani Studies at Charles University in Prague, and currently, he is completing his master studies of Comparative History at Central European University (Budapest-Vienna). He has been for more than 10 years lecturing and attending discussions on topics such as Roma history and identity.

Michal will introduce listeners to Roma history and culture followed by a Q&A.

16.00 - Presentation

juice-contact (1).jpeg

Juice Vamosi grew up in a Roma community in Hungary and currently lives in Oldham. He is an expert in Romani dialects and has been an adviser on language, digital and offline community engagement to many global organisations including two past presidents of the World Bank, EU Vice President, U.K. TV channels, schools and universities. 

Attendees can not only learn to say important phrases across Romani dialects, but they can also get a deep insight into the unique culture of Romani families, the history of the language, the Roma customary law and the emerging global Roma identity. 

18.00 - ZOR


ZOR is a group of young Roma musicians playing fiery, upbeat, modern Gypsy music with an aim of becoming ambassadors of Roma culture.

Their music is a mix of new and old arranged with a youthful attitude that will definitely get you on your feet.

ZOR is part of Ando Glaso's youth programme, funded by Young Start, Gannochy Trust and Youth Music Initiative.

19.30 - Ando Glaso Collective


Funded by Creative Scotland, the Collective was set up by Ando Glaso in 2019 to encourage Roma musicians from the diverse and fragmented Roma communities of Scotland to explore each other's cultural heritage; create music and a group together that can truly represent the vibrant and often invisible cultural heritage of Scotland's Roma people.

The group has appeared at prestigious events such as Celtic Connections and against the challenges of 2019-2021 it continued it's creative work and has been delivering exciting projects such as their appointment as Artists In Residence in the Southside Central area by Glasgow Life in 2021. 

21.30.00 - Daniel Martinez Flamenco Group


The award-winning flamenco production Art of Believing hosts an exceptional group of musicians; flamenco singers, guitarists, percussionists, a violinist and a dancer, joining Daniel in a must-see powerful flamenco performance bursting with passion and authenticity. Art of Believing is a truly unique musical production where the audience will enjoy a rich variety of flamenco styles; from the intense emotion of a Seguiriya, to the joyful sounds of an Alegria. 

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