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Youth Work

At the heart of Ando Glaso's mission is our commitment to youth empowerment, with young Roma people not just participating in, but increasingly leading our initiatives. This reflects our core belief in nurturing the next generation of cultural ambassadors and leaders. Our organization is dedicated to creating professional pathways for these young individuals, both within Ando Glaso and across the broader creative and cultural industries.



Ando Glaso delivers a wide range of activities for young Roma people. Through regular classes, workshops, mentoring and various different projects we engage young Roma in cultural activities. Over the years we supported a large number of young people to engage with both Roma and other cultures. We deliver these activities through various weekly music, dance, art and other creative activities often in partnership with schools and other prestigious organisations such as the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Glasgow MELA, Ceol is Craic, etc. Our current youth projects are funded by Gannochy Trust, Young Start, Youth Music Initiative, Youth Music.

Our approach to youth work is deeply embedded in every aspect of Ando Glaso. Young people from our community are integral to program development and decision-making, marking a significant shift towards youth-led leadership within our organization. This progression not only empowers them but also ensures that our initiatives remain relevant and responsive to the community's needs.

Creative Hub

Central to our strategy is the Roma Creative Hub, a nurturing space that epitomizes our investment in young Roma. Here, they can immerse themselves in their heritage and artistic expression, crafting a future where their voices lead in both our organization and the wider cultural landscape. The hub is more than a space for creativity; it's a training ground for leadership and professional development, underlining our dedication to fostering talent from within.



At Ando Glaso, we're deeply committed to nurturing the talents of young Roma musicians, creating professional ensembles and providing them with opportunities to showcase their artistry on grand stages. Groups like ZOR exemplify our success, emerging from our programs to captivate audiences at prestigious festivals and concerts, both in the UK and internationally. This facet of our work not only champions the rich cultural heritage of the Roma but also establishes meaningful, professional pathways within the creative and cultural industries for these young artists, ensuring their talents are recognized and celebrated on a broader scale.

By providing these pathways, we aim to dismantle barriers that young Roma face in accessing the creative industries, offering mentorship, resources, and opportunities to showcase their talents. Our partnerships with educational and cultural institutions further enhance these opportunities, bridging the gap between Roma youth and their professional aspirations.Ando Glaso's dedication to youth work and leadership development is crafting a vibrant future where Roma culture is not only preserved but led by its youngest members. Through education, professional development, and cultural exchange, we're not just highlighting Roma contributions; we're ensuring that young Roma are at the forefront of shaping the cultural narrative, both within Scotland and on the global stage.

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