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Freelance Agent / Promoter for Ando Glaso Collective.

Application Deadline: 10/03/2023 

Ando Glaso seeks a part time Promoter/Agent experienced in securing engagements and promotion for its Roma music group, Ando Glaso Collective. The group brings together musicians from the various Polish, Romanian, Slovak, Czech and Hungarian Roma communities and it is currently funded by Creative Scotland. The purpose of the job is to secure professional engagements for the Collective for 2023-24. The long term goal of this role is to establish an agency promoting Roma culture and supporting Roma artists and culture to be present on the mainstream music and cultural scene. 


1 year contract for 10 hrs per week @£20per hour. Totalling £9,600. 


There are also possibilities of additional work and earnings through promoting Ando Glaso’s other groups on a commission basis.


Ando Glaso is based in Glasgow in the Centre of Contemporary Art, where we can provide an office space. We will also offer flexible working and accept applicants from outside of Glasgow to ensure that the best person for the job can apply even if they are restricted by other work or personal commitments.

We are seeking an experienced person who will be responsible for securing engagements for Ando Glaso Collective at festivals and venues. The successful candidate will also be required to promote the group by creating content for the wider media and its own social channels. 




  • 3 years Agent/Promotion experience in the Scottish Music industry  

  • Experience managing and creating contracts for performance engagements

  • Proven experience in social media content creation, writing press releases

  • Interest and appreciation of Roma music and culture

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Excellent time management skills

  • An interest in sharing knowledge through our youth programmes



  • Mentoring experience

  • Folk / traditional music experience / interest. 

  • Experience in working with artists from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds

​Ando Glaso is a Roma-led cultural organisation with an aim to empower Roma people through our own cultural heritage, nurture and showcase talent. At Ando Glaso we are keen to attract and appoint talented, knowledgeable people who share our values. Ando Glaso embraces equality & diversity as a fundamental part of the way we recruit and select people for employment and promotion. We are an equal opportunities employer and ensure in our practice we treat all people with respect

and dignity. 

To apply, please send us a letter, no more than 2 pages long including a brief CV, your experiences, why are you interested in the job and what would you bring to the role.

Please send your application to

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