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ZOR, emerging from Ando Glaso's youth program with support from the Youth Music Initiative, is a lively blend of young musicians and seasoned mentors. This group dives deep into the heart of Roma culture, meshing Gypsy music with a variety of music genres. Their goal? To champion Roma heritage on a grand stage. They're not just a band; they're cultural ambassadors, proving that youth and tradition can create electrifying music together.

With their debut EP and a series of engaging music videos, ZOR has built a strong online following and has been featured at prestigious festivals and concerts across the UK. Their music not only bridges the gap between tradition and contemporary sounds but also serves as a dynamic showcase of their journey.

From a youth initiative to a band celebrated for its innovative approach, ZOR demonstrates the vibrant potential of mixing youth, tradition, and creativity to captivate and educate both new listeners and traditional music aficionados alike.

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