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Cultural Work

At Ando Glaso, we recognise the profound significance of intangible cultural heritage in shaping the Roma culture and history. This heritage, especially evident in crafts such as music, has historically opened vital pathways for Roma people to be included in mainstream societies. This inclusion has not only fostered a rich exchange of cultural practices but has also left an indelible legacy that we are committed to building upon. Our mission is to create tangible opportunities that further the inclusion and appreciation of Roma people and their cultural contributions.



With the generous support of the National Lottery Heritage Fund, we are spearheading large-scale projects aimed at exploring and researching the intangible Roma cultural heritage. Our initiatives are multifaceted, designed to showcase, share, record, celebrate, and safeguard the Roma intangible heritage, while also leveraging it to create much-needed job and educational opportunities. We collaborate closely with esteemed partners, including Museum Galleries Scotland and the National Library of Scotland, among others, to ensure our heritage projects are impactful and far-reaching.


Music, alongside other creative art forms, stands as a testament to the rich cultural legacy of the Roma people. As an organization led by Roma individuals, we understand the critical importance of nurturing such legacy and talent. Our efforts are not solely focused on preserving our culture and identity but also on facilitating the inclusion of Roma people and culture into the broader societal fabric. Over the years, we have supported the creation of various music and dance projects, bands, and acts, securing their presence at prestigious festivals and venues across the UK. To support the emerging Roma artists and remove barriers to their success, we have established a dedicated program led by a development officer. This program is focused on building networks and liaising with cultural organizations and other stakeholders to ensure our artists' visibility on the cultural scene. This critical strand of our work is generously funded by Creative Scotland.


Community Engagement

Community engagement forms a cornerstone of our endeavors, aiming to provide creative and cultural opportunities to diverse Roma communities. We organize events throughout the year, allowing local Roma groups to showcase their work and connect with the wider public. Our efforts have been recognized and supported through partnerships, such as being appointed as Artist in Residence by Glasgow Life, and delivering the Creative Communities project funded by Inspire Scotland. These projects facilitate the inclusion of Roma culture into the city's cultural life. A good example of such projects is the Transylvanian ceilidh, a unique fusion of Gypsy music and dance with the familiar format of Scottish social gatherings, celebrating the vibrant intersection of cultures.

At Ando Glaso, our commitment to celebrating and elevating Roma culture is unwavering. Through our comprehensive approach to heritage, art, and community engagement, we aim to create a lasting impact that honors the past, enriches the present, and secures a promising future for the Roma people.

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