"Everyone's heart is filled with songs as they listen to their own soul in every song, and those who's heart sings beautifully will find the songs of other's beautiful." 

Mihály Babits


Due to the pandemic we had to cancel all our live events. We hope to return with a plethora of exciting concerts, projects, workshops and recitals in 2021. In the meantime please enjoy the various video projects created by our participants below.




Celtic Connections

We are delighted to be part of Celtic Connections

again this year!

 You can watch Ando Glaso Collective showcasing Roma talent at 6pm on the 16th of January.




 After many successful, well attended workshops, we are delighted to launch our  reglurar Gypsy music classes. We offer group lessons for beginners and one to one tuition for more advanced players on various instruments. You can also join our mixed instrument group to play together with others. The classes are delivered by the best authentic Roma players available. 


Due to the Covid-19 outbrake, all our classes are cancelled until further notice.


We have been working hard to continue our creative work with our participants throughout lockdowns. With support from Creative Scotland, Next Step Initiative, European Roma Institute For Arts And Culture, Glasgow Life, SCVO we continue engaging a large number of Roma people in creative activities:

Csango Tanchaz 320
Transylvanian Ceilidh
Dallahan/Cerhenia Celtic Connection
Clydebank Facepainting
Clydebank Exhibition
Govanhill Youth Group
Transylvanian Ceilidh
Transylvanian Ceilidh
Janos & Janos Concert Govanhill
St Nicholas Day
Flamenco Night

János Lang - Creative Director

Julia Lungu - Chair

Miro Cuba - Secretary
Eva Kourova - Treasurer

Ionut Sirbu - Administrator

Please support Ando Glaso's charitable activities for Roma cultural development.

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Glasgow, G2 3JD

János Lang


Miro Cuba